AMI Vision Systems is a Dutch tech-start-up that is currently developing a multispectral camera for UAV and drone use. 

This innovative vision system provides a combination of multispectral imaging and direct georeferencing. Weighing less than 600 grams and capable to operate fully independent of the UAV, this AMI vision system is a truly cross platform vision system. There will be no need for integration with UAV or drone autopilots and its form factor will be matching regular compact cameras, making the vision system fit in any existing or new UAV.

With projected UAV sales in the USA alone of 20.000 in 2015 to over 140.000 per year in 2025, offline image processing will be a future bottleneck. By using a unique combination of realtime image processing and direct georeferencing this bottleneck is avoided. The output of the AMI Vision System's camera will be a GEO-TIFF or shape file that can be directly imported into farm management software.

Furthermore it will be possible to implement algorithms for geospecific application of fertilizer or pesticides thus
yielding higher crop results with less environmental impact. Prototypes of this AMI CAM vision system will be available by Q3 2014 and first batch products of the AMI CAM by February 2015.

Be sure to place your AMI CAM order soonest in order to guarantee timely delivery. Early bird "launching customer" discounts apply.

AMI Vision System's concepts, designs and products are supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Wageningen University and many more scientific organisations and businesses.